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Browning Golden Eagle Mark 1, 2, 3, and 4  (I, II, III, and IV)

Browning Golden Eagle  

The Browning Golden Eagle is renowned for its quality and sound.  When we mention the sound of this base station, we aren't actually referring to just how good the Browning sounds while you're talking, but also the sound it makes each time you key the microphone and activate the radio's transmitter and activate its unique pinger.  This CB Radio was a two piece with a separate receiver and transmitter combo that also emitted a very unique twang (called a pinger) sound whenever the transmitter is engaged and power and audio is transferred from the receiver, back to the transmitter.  Basically a certain capacitor value is added to prolong and tweak the pitch and sound of the Browning Eagle's pinger.


The Browning Golden Eagle base station came out in 4 main versions, which include the Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and the Mark IV.  Due to the age of this radio, most of the early versions came with 23 channels.  Other external cb radio goodies that could be added were the external VFO and the matching "banana" style microphone.  The VFO and/or crystals were sometimes added to get a full 40 channels (or more) from the radio.  A Silver Eagle D104 would make these radios loud and emit a louder pinger, however many citizen band operators swear by the original banana microphone.


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